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A life-cycle assessment tool is developed for Saudi Aramco Chair in Asphalt Pavements to evaluate the use of sulfur-extended asphalt (SEA) mixtures in roadway construction. With the excess of sulfur by-product in many oil and gas producing countries, the industry is seeking new markets that can successfully use this by-product. One of the applications of sulfur is to replace petroleum based asphalt binder in producing asphalt mixtures. The tool is developed to evaluate environmental impact of SEA mixtures considering its life-cycle stages from crude oil extraction to the production of sulfur pellets and use in asphalt pavements.


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An increasing number of industries are creating LCA-based Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) to determine environmental performance of products that can be used in LCA as well as marketing purposes. This online EPD platform allows for asphalt and ready-mix concrete producers to easily get their EPD reports using most reliable inventory databases.



State and local highway agencies need to make the best use of their diminishing budgets for roadway rehabilitation and construction projects considering life-cycle economics. This web-based life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) tool is designed for state and local highway to choose the most economical design for a new construction or rehabilitation project. The tool is developed using pay-items as building blocks for easy implementation by the agencies. The agencies can upload and manage their pay items using user-friendly features of this tool. The tool is capable of performing deterministic and probabilistic analysis.

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Related Projects by TEST Researchers

Supply Chain Management


TEST’s experts have implemented cutting-edge strategies to optimize resource procurement, production planning, shipment and logistics operations, and inventory management in a variety of contexts. Some examples include: (i) optimize network topology, processes and efficiency for agricultural supply chains; (ii) resource management and inventory control under biofuel production competition and stochasticity; (iii) streamline coordination of operations via information and incentive mechanisms in urban logistics systems.

Distribution Systems


Distribution Systems TEST experts have improved the efficiency of distribution systems of many companies by developing innovation solutions for goods/personnel distribution system such as: (i) facility placement for locomotive service facilities; (ii) fleet scheduling and routing for logistics systems; (iii) crew scheduling and overtime management.

Resource Management


TEST team members have a history of award-winning successes in achieving major cost savings for the railroad industry by providing solutions to aid in planning of major capital infrastructure investments to scheduling of key equipment, personnel and activities. In all cases there have been at least double-digit percentage improvements that have resulted in annual savings of tens of millions of dollars or more.