TEST Projects

Inverted Pavements – FHWA Task Order Request (TOR) # HIF200116PR (2020-2023)

TEST is developing a synthesis and guidelines for the design, construction, and performance of inverted pavements with data collected from case studies in the US.

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Framework and Tool for Selection of New Pavement and Treatment Surfaces for Flexible Pavements in New Brunswick, Canada (2021-2022)

TEST is developing a framework and software tool for pavement type selection for new and rehabilitation projects.
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Life-Cycle Assessment of Ultra-Light Foamed Glass Aggregate (2020-2021)

TEST is performing an environmental sustainability analysis and developing a baseline LCA for UL-FGA applications in North America.

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Resilience of Flexible Pavements Following Flooding and Freeze-Thaw Events (2020-2021)

TEST is compiling a technical report documenting response of flexible pavements to flooding and freeze-thaw events and highlighting best practices to achieve resiliency.

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TEST developed a new cloud-based, look-ahead platform for pavement construction scheduling.

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ProLCCA is a web-based platform that will allow contractors and agencies to quickly and efficiently perform life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) for transportation investments.

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TEST developed a comprehensive life-cycle assessment (LCA) software for the Saudi Aramco Chair in Asphalt Pavements to evaluate the use of sulfur-extended asphalt (SEA) mixtures in roadway construction.
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Carbon Footprinting Report

TEST conducted a carbon footprinting report for the University of Costa Rica based on life-cycle assessment (LCA) methods for a major highway in Costa Rica.
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TEST developed an online Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) calculator for asphalt and concrete producers to evaluate the environmental impacts of their mixes.
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Related Projects by TEST Researchers

Supply Chain Management

TEST’s experts have implemented cutting-edge strategies to optimize resource procurement, production planning, shipment and logistics operations, and inventory management in a variety of contexts. Some examples include: (i) optimize network topology, processes and efficiency for agricultural supply chains; (ii) resource management and inventory control under biofuel production competition and stochasticity; (iii) streamline coordination of operations via information and incentive mechanisms in urban logistics systems.

Distribution Systems

Distribution Systems
TEST experts have improved the efficiency of distribution systems of many companies by developing innovation solutions for goods/personnel distribution system such as: (i) facility placement for locomotive service facilities; (ii) fleet scheduling and routing for logistics systems; (iii) crew scheduling and overtime management.

Resource Management

TEST team members have a history of award-winning successes in achieving major cost savings for the railroad industry by providing solutions to aid in planning of major capital infrastructure investments to scheduling of key equipment, personnel and activities. In all cases there have been at least double-digit percentage improvements that have resulted in annual savings of tens of millions of dollars or more.