Life-Cycle Assessment of Ultra-Light Foamed Glass Aggregate (2020-2021)

Life-Cycle Assessment of
Ultra-Light Foamed Glass
Aggregate (2020-2021)

The Client:
AeroAggregates of North America

Our Work:

Ultra-light weight foamed glass aggregate (UL-FGA) manufactured by AeroAggregates are desired as a lightweight and insulating fill material. They are used in the construction of retaining structures, embankments, bridge abutments, and foundation slabs in North America. UL-FGA is manufactured from 100% recycled glass. A recycling technology was developed to convert glass cullet to an industrial product with the aid of foaming agents. It is considered as an alternative to expanded shale or clay, foamed concrete or geofoam. 

UL-FGA is claimed to be an environmentally attractive option as compared to its alternatives. There is a need to quantify environmental impacts of UL-FGA. At TEST, we are using a life-cycle assessment method based on the guidelines published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14044 and 14040 and EN’s 15084 Building Product LCA Standards. The following tasks are conducted as part of this project:

  • Develop a goal and scope document required in LCA.
  • Compile a life-cycle inventory using primary activity data collected from the manufacturer and data available in commercial (Ecoinvent) and public databases using SimaPro software.
  • Develop a baseline LCA for UL-FGA that can be used in Environmental Product Declarations. 
  • Work with ASTM International to develop a Product Category Rule for the light weight aggregates produced and used in North America.
  • Compile two case studies using UL-FGA to highlight contributions to environmental sustainability at the project level.

The Outcome:
Baseline LCA reports for UL-FGA and two case study projects.