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Sulfur Extended Asphalt Life Cycle Assessment

The Client:
Saudi Aramco Chair in Asphalt Pavements

Our Work:
With the excess of sulfur by-product in many oil and gas producing countries, the industry is seeking new markets that can successfully use this by-product. One of the applications of sulfur is to replace petroleum based asphalt binder in producing asphalt mixtures. TEST developed a tool to evaluate environmental impact of SEA mixtures considering its life-cycle stages from crude oil extraction to the production of sulfur pellets and use in asphalt pavements.

  • TEST followed standard life-cycle assessment (LCA) practices.
  • TEST collaborated with local researchers at King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia to collect data on local construction practices, materials, and standards.
  • TEST analyzed and modeled the data collected to develop a regionalized LCA inventory database.
  • TEST developed a full desktop software to perform pavement LCA, including design, construction, use, rehabilitation, and end-of-life.
  • TEST conducted several case studies to evaluate the potential impacts from SEA mixtures versus conventional mixtures.

The Outcome:
A complete LCA desktop software and a comprehensive LCA report and case studies for SEA mixtures.

Design phase of SEL2ECT
Construction phase of SEL2ECT
Use phase of SEL2ECT
Sample results from SEL2ECT