UCR Carbon Footprinting Report


Carbon Footprinting Report

for the University of Costa Rica

The Client:
National Laboratories of Materials and Structural Models, University of Costa Rica (UCR)

Our Work:
UCR approached TEST to perform an initial environmental impact assessment of the rehabilitation of a roadway in San Carlos, Costa Rica. TEST worked with researchers at UCR to collect information and conduct a partial carbon footprinting report in line with international standards (ISO 14067).

  • TEST collaborated with local researchers at UCR to collect data on local construction practices, materials, and standards.
  • TEST analyzed and modeled the data collected to develop a regionalized inventory database.
  • TEST evaluated the partial carbon footprint of a recent local highway rehabilitation project including material production and construction.

The Outcome:
An internal partial carbon footprinting report for highway construction.


This work was presented at TRB 2019.